Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Nanostructures Electrodes-a Scenario on Stepped Silver Surfaces

MF Juarez and M Avila and A Ruderman and E Santos and EPM Leiva and OA Oviedo, ELECTROCATALYSIS, 8, 587-593 (2017).

DOI: 10.1007/s12678-017-0371-0

We have investigated the scenario for the hydrogen evolution reaction at stepped silver surfaces in acid solutions at high overpotentials using a simple kinetic model. Two independent types of sites, at the steps and at the terraces, were considered. The rate constants for the Volmer and Heyrovsky reactions were estimated. Both reactions occur with rate constant about two orders of magnitude larger at step sites than at terrace sites. Calculations of the activation energy for these reactions using our theory of electrocatalysis give similar results.

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