Evaporation of a nanodroplet on a rough substrate

YJ Sun and T Huang and JF Zhao and Y Chen, FRONTIERS OF PHYSICS, 12, 126401 (2017).

DOI: 10.1007/s11467-016-0631-0

The wettability and roughness of a substrate are crucial to the evolution of the contact angle and three-phase contact line in the evaporation of sessile droplets. In this paper, by performing molecular dynamics simulations for droplet evaporation at the nanoscale, we show that the wettability is more important than the roughness. For a smooth substrate, the evaporation behavior of a nanodroplet is similar to that at the macroscopic scale. This similarity is also observed in the case of a rough hydrophilic substrate. However, for a rough hydrophobic substrate, both the constant contact angle and contact line pinning appear in turn during evaporation. This suggests that the roughness of the hydrophobic substrate is useful for the evaporation technique in self-assembly at the nanoscale.

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