Molecular dynamics investigation of a model ionic liquid lubricant for automotive applications

K Gkagkas and V Ponnuchamy and M Dasic and I Stankovic, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 113, 83-91 (2017).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2016.12.017

In the current work we present a new modelling approach for simulating meso scopic phenomena related to lubrication of the piston ring cylinder liner contact. Our geometry allows a variable confinement gap and a varying amount of lubricant in the gap, while avoiding the squeeze-out of the lubricant into vacuum. We have implemented a coarse grain molecular dynamics description of an ionic liquid as a lubricant which can expand into lateral reservoirs. The results have revealed two regimes of lubrication, an elasto-hydrodynamic one under low loads and one with low, velocity-independent specific friction, under high loads. The observed steep rise of normal forces at small plate-to-plate distances is an interesting behaviour that could potentially be exploited for preventing solid solid contact and wear.

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