Theory of wavelet-based coarse-graining hierarchies for molecular dynamics

BC Rinderspacher and JP Bardhan and AE Ismail, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 96, 013301 (2017).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.96.013301

We present a multiresolution approach to compressing the degrees of freedom and potentials associated with molecular dynamics, such as the bond potentials. The approach suggests a systematic way to accelerate large-scale molecular simulations with more than two levels of coarse graining, particularly applications of polymeric materials. In particular, we derive explicit models for (arbitrarily large) linear (homo) polymers and iterative methods to compute large-scale wavelet decompositions from fragment solutions. This approach does not require explicit preparation of atomistic-to-coarse-grained mappings, but instead uses the theory of diffusion wavelets for graph Laplacians to develop system-specific mappings. Our methodology leads to a hierarchy of system-specific coarse-grained degrees of freedom that provides a conceptually clear andmathematically rigorous framework for modeling chemical systems at relevant model scales. The approach is capable of automatically generating as many coarse-grained model scales as necessary, that is, to go beyond the two scales in conventional coarse- grained strategies; furthermore, the wavelet-based coarse-grained models explicitly link time and length scales. Furthermore, a straightforward method for the reintroduction of omitted degrees of freedom is presented, which plays a major role in maintaining model fidelity in long-time simulations and in capturing emergent behaviors.

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