Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Efficient SO2 Absorption by Anion- Functionalized Ionic Liquids

A Mondal and S Balasubramanian, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 129, 859-872 (2017).

DOI: 10.1007/s12039-017-1236-z

Ionic liquids are appropriate candidates for the absorption of acid gases such as SO2. Six anion-functionalized ionic liquids with different basicities have been studied for SO2 absorption capacity by employing quantum chemical calculations and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Gas phase quantum calculations unveil that the high uptake of SO2 in these ionic liquids originates from the basicity of the anions and the consequent enhanced anion-SO2 interactions. MD simulations of SO2-IL mixtures reveal the crucial role of both cations and anions in SO2 dissolution. Multiple-site interactions of SO2 with the anions have been identified. The calculated solvation free energy substantiates these observations. The order of computed Henry's law constant values with change in the anion is in fair agreement with experimentally determined SO2 solubility order.

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