Transitions between multiple dynamical states in a confined dense active-particle system

PS Mahapatra and A Kulkarni and S Mathew and MV Panchagnula and S Vedantam, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 95, 062610 (2017).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.95.062610

We study the collective motion of a dense suspension of active swimmers in a viscous fluid medium. The swimmers are modeled as soft spheres moving in a highly viscous fluid medium. The magnitude of the propelling thrust exerted by each particle is taken to be a constant and the direction is aligned to its velocity. Depending on the magnitude of the exerted thrust, several nonequilibrium steady states are observed. The transitions between the steady states are characterized using the total dissipation as a function of the magnitude of the thrust. The transitions between the nonequilibrium states are characterized by changes in exponent at low thrust values. At high thrust values, hysteretic transitions between ordered and disordered states are observed.

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