LAMMPS Users’ Workshop

August 9-11, 2011

Hike details

We will be gathering for optional “no-host” recreational activities after the workshop. All participants must assume liability for themselves.

For those who enjoy wilderness hiking, we will be hiking the Tree Spring Trail, which is on the cooler, shadier east side of the Sandia Mountains, 30-40 minutes from Albuquerque by car. From the trailhead, the trail climbs approximately 1000 feet in 2 miles to the main ridgeline. After exploring and admiring the views from the ridge, we'll return via the reverse route. For people in reasonable physical condition, this hike is 'moderate' in difficulty. The trail starts at 8500 feet above sea level, and anyone not accustomed to this altitude will notice the lack of oxygen. The total hike distance (there and back) is approximately 4 miles. We don't know exactly how long the hike will last, but a rough guess is three to four hours.

At the conclusion of the workshop, we’ll carpool over to the Taj Palace for a no-host lunch buffet before departing for the hike. Everyone interested in hiking should meet at 2:00 pm in the parking lot outside Taj Palace (1435 Eubank NE) to carpool to the trailhead. Parking space at the trailhead is limited, so we'll carpool as much as possible. Also, the National Forest Service charges a fee of $3 per vehicle, so bring a few dollar bills.

We will attempt to adhere to the following schedule:

12:30 p.m. Workshop ends, self-assembly of carpool/hiking groups
12:45 p.m. Carpool leaves for Taj Palace
1:00 p.m. Arrive at Taj Palace and eat
2:00 p.m. Carpool leaves for trailhead
2:30 p.m. Arrive at trailhead
2:45 p.m. Start hiking
6:00-ish Finish hiking and return to Albuquerque hotels in same carpools

Note that each hiker is responsible for his or her own safety, well-being, and transportation. We recommend that at the conclusion of the workshop, you self-assemble into small groups of hikers and stick together with that same group during the entire expedition for carpooling and hiking safety purposes.

For those not familiar with summer hiking in high desert mountains, the following suggestions are offered:

1. Bring at least one liter of water.
2. Bring a snack.
3. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on rocks and dirt.
4. Dress for the weather, which can be hot, dry, cool, windy, calm, sunny, and/or rainy.
5. Due to the latitude and altitude, the sun is very intense. Plan your sunscreen needs accordingly.

A driving map can be found here: map. Additional details will be provided at the workshop.