LAMMPS Tutorials

This page has links to tutorial materials the LAMMPS developers have used. We're also happy to list resources created and hosted by other groups, that are of interest to people learning to use LAMMPS. Please contact the LAMMPS development team if you have links or documents you wish to contribute and post here.

Each of the LAMMPS workshops have included beginner's sessions where tutorial-style information was presented. See the Workshops link for details, and PDFs of slides presented.

At the annual Society of Rheology meeting in Oct 2013 in Montreal, the following short-course was given:

These are the slides we used. There were additional hands-on sessions, some of which used the scripts in the examples/VISCOSITY dir of the LAMMPS distro.

This is a set of nice tutorials created by the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS) group at Mississippi State University:

A contact person for the Wiki and tutorials is Mark Tschopp (mtschopp at, who can answer general questions and point you to authors of individual test problems and tutorials.