70Fullerenes Assist the Formation of Phospholipid Bice Iles at Low Lipid Concentrations

A Ikeda and K Kiguchi and T Hida and K Yasuhara and K Nobusawa and M Akiyama and W Shinoda, LANGMUIR, 30, 12315-12320 (2014).

DOI: 10.1021/la503732q

The incorporation of neutral 70fullerenes (C-70) led to bicelle formation in a relatively low lipid concentration range from neutral lipid mixtures (DMPC/DHPC). Furthermore, C70 addition resulted in the formation of large bicelles with a radius of ca. 100 nm, in contrast to C70-free bicelles that were formed from anionic lipid mixtures (DMPC/DHPC/DMPG). The stabilization of these bicelles was attributed to C-70 incorporation into the membranes.

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