Family of plane solitary waves in dimer granular crystals

M Manjunath and AP Awasthi and PH Geubelle, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 90, 032209 (2014).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.90.032209

Uniform planar impact on a two-dimensional square packing of spheres with intruders at interstitial locations is investigated. An equivalent one-dimensional granular chain model is proposed with appropriate scaling and is verified numerically. Numerical observations demonstrate the existence of a new family of plane solitary waves with different profiles at unique combinations of material properties. In particular, a special case of a solitary wave whose profile is similar to that of the homogeneous chains is also reported. Material combinations that cause solitary waves are systematically extracted for a wide range of material properties. For the solitary wave similar to that of a homogeneous chain, a quasicontinuum approximation is employed to predict the shape and width of the solitary wave, showing good agreement with the numerical results. Finally, an asymptotic analysis is conducted to predict the solitary wave solutions.

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