Study of the reactive dynamics of nanometric metallic multilayers using molecular dynamics: the Al-Ni system

A Linde and O Politano and F Baras, DIFFUSION IN MATERIALS - DIMAT 2011, 323-325, 89-94 (2012).

DOI: 10.4028/

A molecular dynamics study of a layered Ni-Al-Ni system is developed using an embedded atom method potential. The specific geometry is designed to model a Ni-Al nanometric metallic multilayer. The system is initially thermalized at the fixed temperature of 600 K. We first observe the interdiffusion of Ni and Al at the interfaces, which is followed by the spontaneous phase formation of B2-NiAl in the Al layer. The solid-state reaction is associated with a rapid system's heating which further enhances the diffusion processes. NiAl phase is organized in small regions separated by grain boundaries. This study confirms the hypothesis of a layer-by-layer development of the new phase. For longer times, the temperature is notably higher (> 1000 K) and the system may partly lose some its B2-NiAl. microstructure in favor of the formation of Ni3Al in L12 configuration. This work shows the spontaneous development of a real exothermic solid-state reaction in metallic nanosystems mostly constituted by interfaces.

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