Study on the Nanoconfinement-induced Breaking of Helical Symmetry in Metal Nanowires

Y Wei and L Jiang and GK Yang and T Wang and Y Zhang, MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, PTS 1-3, 418-420, 313-316 (2012).

DOI: 10.4028/

Metal atoms confined in finite cylindrical nanopores exhibit helical morphologies because of the high rotational symmetry of confined surfaces and energy minimum of (1 II) facets. Herein, we present adirect nanoconfinement induced helical symmetry breaking phenomenon resulting from asymmetric atomic arrangements around the surfaces of nanoconfinements. In cylindrical nanopores, the critical value transforming from helical nanowires to crystalline ones is larger than corresponding free-standing nanowires, indicating nanopores with high rotational symmetry are propitious to form (111)facets wrapped outside of nanowires.

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