Adsorption and diffusion of argon in disordered nanoporous carbons

JC Palmer and JD Moore and JK Brennan and KE Gubbins, ADSORPTION-JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ADSORPTION SOCIETY, 17, 189-199 (2011).

DOI: 10.1007/s10450-010-9308-0

Application-specific optimization of disordered nanoporous carbons remains a formidable challenge due to the difficulty in accurately characterizing their microstructures with current empirical methods. Using molecular simulation techniques, we investigated the adsorptive and diffusive behavior of argon in three models of disordered nanoporous carbons. We found that the structural and morphological differences between these models gave rise to distinct phenomenological properties. The adsorptive behavior of argon in both the low and high pressure regimes was enhanced dramatically in the models with more crystalline microstructures. As for dynamic properties, we found that the adsorbent's structure and energetic topology significantly alters the rates of diffusion as well as the characteristics of the underlying diffusion mechanisms.

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