Effect of Growth Orientation and Diameter on the Elasticity of GaN Nanowires. A Combined in Situ TEM and Atomistic Modeling Investigation

RA Bernal and R Agrawal and B Peng and KA Bertness and NA Sanford and AV Davydov and HD Espinosa, NANO LETTERS, 11, 548-555 (2011).

DOI: 10.1021/nl103450e

We characterized the elastic properties of GaN nanowires grown along different crystallographic orientations. In situ transmission electron microscopy tensile tests were conducted using a MEMS-based nanoscale testing system. Complementary atomistic simulations were performed using density functional theory and molecular dynamics. Our work establishes that elasticity size dependence is limited to nanowires with diameters smaller than 20 nm. For larger diameters, the elastic modulus converges to the bulk values of 300 GPa for c-axis and 267 GPa for a- and m-axis.

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